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Our Beautiful Team
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Educators are selected and recruited in accordance with our safeguarding policy (see reviews, testimonies and policies page).

All educators are hand picked by Kayleigh. They come with great references, experience and qualifications. Each educator completes an induction program and is asked to attend monthly training/ meeting sessions. Educators are also asked to attend a termly review meeting which looks at the progress made by their students. During these meetings, further support may be discussed and implemented with the support of the student's parent or carer.

If you feel like you've got the patience, commitment and passion it takes to be a Bright Spark Educator, please get in touch!



Kayleigh is the wonderful founder of Bright Sparks. She  specializes in SEN and inspired learning.

Yvonne Law photo.jpg


 Yvonne is excited to meet each student and specalises in SEN students and providing tailor-made materials for them. 



Hazel is a dedicated tutor who works hard to get the students needs and aspirations met in her sessions



Mia is our lead tutor who is currently our first port of call for organising tutors and students



Lynda is a open minded tutor with a huge amount of experiences. She is even writing a Novel.

Gemma White.jpg


Gemma is a patient, friendly and creative tutor specializing in art, design and primary subjects



Rachel is a fun loving and engaging tutor who brings a student centered approach to her lessons



Charles is a maths and science specialist who believes in inspiring children. He has a fondness for cake!



Amanda is an insightful, experienced tutor who will dedicate herself to the individual's needs.

Big News

Our Founder Kayleigh is a finalist in the 'Outstanding SEN Educator of the Year Awards'. Kayleigh's hardwork has been recognised by a range of parents and professionals! This is an astounding award and if you would like to find out more please follow this link:


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