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GCSE and Exams

With our specialist tutors we can support your child in developing their skills in preparation for exams or just for an extra curricular activity! Our experienced team will be able to help your child reach their goals and can support children and young people into their GCSEs and A levels.


Our high level tutors are able to make learning come alive with a range of teaching techniques. Prepare to be inspired as your child delves into the wonders of the natural world and learns about days gone by. Our ethos is embedded in playful and approachable ways in to learning, whether your child is 6 or 16!

Our lessons can be arranged online or face to face depending on your location.



Our tutors will support your child in an academic way so they are ready for the exams

Drama Students

The Arts

Want to develop your ability in Music, Drama and The Arts? Our tutors are ready to boost you confidence!

Math Notebook and Calculator


Lesson plans and revision skills will help them grasp key and vital concepts needed for the exam

Food Photographer

Art & Photography

Arts and photography to develop your child's knowledge and industry abilities 

Traveler's Shoes

Geography & History

Fun and engaging ways to increase world knowledge for the exams

Science Class


With our experienced and talented science tutors, we can make the scientific world easier to understand. 

Group Tuition

To register your interest in group tuition, please contact us now. Group tutoring offers the same great learning opportunities at a lower cost and with the added benefit of social interaction. These can be arranged online or face to face depending on locality.

Group Hug

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