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Holistic Learning

Our team of experienced tutors have helped to support children with a range of mild and complex needs. The SEN area of Bright Sparks Tutors is closely monitored by Kayleigh who has many years of working with neurodiverse children and young people.

Autism, Aspergers and Social Communication Needs
Sensory Impairments And Conditions

For children and young people who need extra sensory support, whether that be visual, hearing or with sensory processing, we can create individual learning plans which support the student using a multisensory approach. We may use makaton or BSL, provide sensory breaks or present lessons in other, physically stimulating ways. We will also adopt flexible ways of working with your child and check their progress through termly meetings with their tutor.

We work with each family individually to come up with the best solution for supporting children with social and communication needs. Each tutor is given training in using strategies which support the learning needs of our neurodiverse students. This may include using visual timetables, using makaton or BSL or other relevant strategies. Kayleigh works very closely with the family, the child and the tutor to ensure strategies are effective. Learning and progression are reviewed termly and changes made to the student's learning plan with the consent and partnership of parents.

Child in Air Yoga
PDA and Behavioral Conditions

We understand that children and young people are different and that some children display challenging behaviour for a range of reasons. Our team of tutors are led by experts in this field who can support you and your family in managing behaviour positively. Tutoring will often look very different for these students, but with the right approach we can build up confidence and resilience in young people and help them to achieve their goals. Tutors will receive termly meetings with their supervisor to discuss the progress made by individual students and to discuss any areas which need further investigation or development.

Trauma and Attachment

For children who have experienced trauma in their lives we take a gentle and nurturing approach to education. In order to support the development of our students we look at a holistic approach to their learning. This means developing their emotional and social understanding as well as raising attainment in academic areas. Tutors working with children who have experienced trauma, or who are dealing with attachment issues, will receive training before working with your family. The student's learning and development is reviewed by the tutor and their supervisor termly to ensure that any strategies put in place are working. 

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