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Bright Sparks Alternative Provision LTD

Bright Ideas That Spark Imagination

Tailored tutoring sessions for students with EHCPs and EOTAS Packages

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Who we are...
We have sponsored a Guide Dog!

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Dexter is a golden retriever cross - He loves giving lots of puppy kisses - He enjoys chewing on his toys


Bright Sparks has been born out of a response to traditional schooling. The current system leaves many children and young people behind, left with low self esteem and low confidence. We try more practical, engaging and fun sessions geared towards the learner's needs and interests.


 Bright Sparks is run and managed by Kayleigh Rapson who has been a professional tutor for many years as well as a primary school teacher, early years teacher and SEN specialist. Kayleigh has had the privilege to work with children from all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

Kayleigh is a qualified and experienced primary school teacher who holds a masters degree in education. She has  extensive knowledge of teaching early concepts to children and applying this to 'fill in' the learning gaps of older children or children with SEN.

'I love teaching and have found a particular fondness in supporting children in a one to one setting from early years up to key stage three.

I never teach something I don't enjoy myself! I am fully engaged in my own sessions and this helps children to be enthusiastic about their learning too. I have a nurturing approach and support children of all abilities in discovering and noticing patterns in their learning at their own pace. I encourage children to be exploratory and hands on in my sessions, and this sometimes means getting up and moving about!'

- Kayleigh Rapson -


Unlike other tutoring services, we really focus on the 'whole' child. We take into account student's ideas, aspirations and needs before setting them up with a tutor. We believe that tutors need to have a personality that complements their students as well as the appropriate skillset and knowledge. To that end, we provide free monthly training events for our tutors to ensure that they are the best they can possibly be.

Holistic Approach

Trusted by Parents

We have worked with some amazing families and we are thrilled to share their experiences with you. Head to our reviews and testimonies section to find out more!

Face to Face or Online

Our flexible approach allows you to decide how you want your your child to learn. Prices for online tuition are charged less that face to face.

A Growing Community.

Bright Sparks Tutors is more than a tutoring service, it is a tutoring community that grows with each new family that joins us. Our vision is to ensure that each young person feels confident, valued and supported no matter who they are.

Heart & Hands
See how our approach works in action. Download your guide now!

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A Word from Our Founder
What makes us Special

Our educators have a range of skills, experience and qualifications in teaching children from EYFS up to GCSE. Have a look at the 'Services' tab for more information. 

Maths, Science and English

Many children and young people lose confidence as they progress in education and often need a little support in the core subjects. This usually involves identifying the gaps and helping your learner to bridge them in fun and inspiring ways. Whether they need more confidence to catch up, or they are excelling and need challenging, we will work with you to find the best way to support them in their next steps of learning.

Our educators are experienced in teaching core subjects up to GCSE level. We also offer study support, exam preparation and we help to build confidence in all our students. As with all of our tutoring, we work with your learner's interests to ensure that learning is engaging and as fun as it can possibly be! We have experts in ecology, sustainability, physics and many other areas. Get in touch now for a free consultation and the opportunity to explore your options.

Playing with Wooden Alphabets

Phonics Support

Exploring and learning early phonetic sounds is extremely important for children's future success. We will work with you and your child to develop a bespoke, fun and active learning journey which will inspire your child to fall in love with learning again.

Learning Packs, Short Courses and Master Class Sessions

We can create personalised learning packs for students. These packs are created after an initial, free consultation and tailored to support your child's learning and developmental needs.

We also provide short courses in a range of subjects with a mixture of live group tuition and self paced materials. Head over to our master class page to find out more. 


SEN and Neurodivergent Students

As an SEN specialist with many years of experience working with neurodivergent children and young people, Kayleigh works hard to ensure that all children are treated with care and dignity. Kayleigh will work closely with you, your family or any assigned tutor to ensure that the teaching and learning meets the diverse needs of your child. Please see the SEN and Neurodiversity tab for more information: 

Mother and Daughter

Summer School

Summer school lessons and tutoring sessions available over the summer holidays. 4-6 week contracts with a flexible learning curriculum that works around you and your child. No need to sign up for the rest of the year!

Online Learning

Online Learning

We use Zoom to deliver lessons online where the parent decides this is the best format for their child. The teacher uses a range of online tools and resources to deliver high quality learning opportunities and creates collaborative opportunities for students. We also offer this as a 'blended' learning experience, with some learning taking place online and some learning taking place in person.

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Helpful Information

Where does tutoring take place?

Tutoring can take place either in your home, tutors' home, a public space or over the internet. 

Tutors are based between Brighton and Worthing and can travel up to 30 minutes away for sessions. Travel is included in face to face fees.

Are you insured?

All of our tutors are insured to work in your home or online.

How do you provide feedback to parents or carers?

After each session, a learning reflection is sent to the parent or carer of the student. The reflection details what we have covered in the session, strengths of the session, next steps for learning and homework (if any). Parents and carers can catch tutors at the beginning or end of sessions for 5 minutes, or they can book in a meeting at a reduced cost.

Is a LLP a company?

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