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You are in Blue Group!

Bright sparks Tutors are offering termly group sessions with the aim of bringing education to children in an affordable and interactive way!

Each term we will cover a specific topic with a focus on Maths and English skills. Cross ciricular learning will be present throughout so get ready to be thinking outside the box and experience new things.

Topic List:

Spring - Animals
Summer - Places
Autumn - Space
Winter - Science and inventions


Our groups are deisgned for all students to feel welcome. For this reason we have three groups with a focus on their ability instead of their age.

Join the group that feels right for you and if you are unsure - drop us an email for more information!

Yellow - Key Stage 1

Green - Key Stage 2

Blue - Key Stage 3 - GCSEs


These groups will taking place in one of our local libraries and online


Sign Up:

You may sign up for one term or all four for an awesome discount!

Teenagers having fun
Successful Teenagers
Study Group

Our tutors are experienced in teaching core subjects. They offer study support, exam preparation and they help to build confidence in all our students. As with all of our tutoring, we work with your learner's interests to ensure that learning is engaging and as fun as it can possibly be! We have experts in ecology, sustainability, physics and many other areas. Get in touch now for a free consultation and the opportunity to explore your options. Learning can be arranged either face to face or online, depending on location.



Our tutors will support your child's knowledge and use of literacy in an academic way.

Drama Students

The Arts

Want to develop your ability in Music, Drama and The Arts? Our tutors are ready to boost you confidence!

Math Notebook and Calculator


Your child's lesson plan will help them grasp concepts needed for the exam

Food Photographer

Art & Photography

Arts and photography to develop your child's knowledge and industry abilities 

Traveler's Shoes

Geography & History

Exam focued and insightful learning into world topics

Science Class


With our experienced and talented science tutors, we can make the scientific world easier to understand. 

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